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1930 Hupmobile S S Sedan

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The 30s was when America as a whole slowed down, things were not like in the roaring 20s when the parties were grand and the cars were functioning pieces of art. With automotive companies downsizing one Detroit-based automotive manufacturer kept the spirit of the 20s alive with their cars. The Hupmobile company was nothing short of revolutionary and first came to being during the early 1900s when the Hupp brothers showcased the Hupmobile Model 20 in 1908 at the Detroit auto show. Fast forward to years of engineering success and successful sales the Hupmobile marque was in troubled waters during the 30s due to the company not adapting to times and downsizing its offerings. With the company sticking to its guns and providing powerful and luxury offerings gives us a glimpse of 30s luxury it eventually led to the company’s downfall. Looking to own a rare slice of the 1930s? this 1930 Hupmobile S Sedan sure with a reported 54,295 miles on the clock is a numbers-matching example and is a treat to look at and own.