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1924 Dodge Brothers Touring

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As captivating as contemporary automobiles may be, it is equally important to appreciate vintage classics, such as the 1924 Dodge Touring. This exquisite specimen harkens back to the era when Dodge was under the management of the Dodge Brothers Company. Produced from 1923 to 1925, this vehicle was one of their flagship models and is widely regarded as the pioneer of all-steel-bodied cars. Enduring a century since its departure from the factory, this Touring model holds a special place in automotive history. While concrete evidence is lacking, the current owner asserts that the original motor has persevered throughout nearly a century of operation. Moreover, the vehicle has recently undergone a fresh coat of paint, accompanied by the replacement of worn-out components. As a result, this touring model is in excellent condition and poised to cover many more miles. Astonishingly, the original horn even remains fully functional, as confirmed by the current owner.