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Lucid Motors


Grand Touring

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For the longest time, the EV segment has been ruled by Tesla, and while many car manufacturers have rolled out their own EVs, nothing really ever challenged Tesla. That is, until now. When former Tesla VP Peter Rawlinson took over as CEO of Lucid Motors, his ambition was limitless, and the result of that is the vehicle you see here. Unlike Tesla, the Lucid Air isn't just meant for record-breaking speeds. No, the Lucid is very much a consumer-inspired luxury vehicle, meant to make anyone lusting after a German luxury sedan think twice before making their purchase decision. Many versions of the Air have been introduced since debut. One of the more recent is this 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring, and while it may be a step down from the range-topping Dream edition, it's still very much a potent car. This example is currently up for sale, and with just 450 miles on the road, it's basically brand new.



Mansory with Hermes Orange Interior

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For ages, Rolls-Royce has held the throne as the most opulent piece of British automotive luxury that money can buy. Like the flavor of a perfectly aged fine wine, Rolls-Royce sedans, coupes and convertibles are timeless, and regardless of what anyone can ever tell you, there's absolutely nothing like them. So, what happens when the curator of the world's finest sedans makes an SUV? You get the Cullinan. Built with the comfort of a luxury car, the size, coupled with the size and presence of a full-sized SUV, it sets a new benchmark for automotive perfection. As for this 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Mansory, its owner has taken a unique route with a complete Mansory conversion and unique color scheme, this example would stand out in a sea of Cullinans, as it’s reportedly the only one in this color spec and combo. The vehicle is currently up for sale with a mileage of 6,800 on the odo.
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