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2015 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake Limited Edition

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1965 was a bold year for Carrol Shelby and his team. It was in this year that they built their first Mustang-based Super Snake. Unfortunately, the cost to build it was so much that nothing more than the original tester was made. To celebrate 50 years since the Super Snake, Shelby rolled out a 50th-anniversary celebration model of its 2015 Ford Mustang Super Snake Special Edition. A car for the daring, this garage-kept example is for sale in Kansas City, with just under 7000 miles on the clock.

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This distinctive Super Snake comes in Wimbledon white and is complimented with classic blue racing stripes. It proudly wears the prestigious 50th anniversary super snake badges around the car, including a front grill emblem, faux gas cap, and quarter panel snake emblem. This car was built to stand out, with a front splitter, Super Snake carbon hood with carbon fiber hood extension, twin nostrils, open mouth grille, carbon mirror cap covers, and carbon fiber rocker panels framing the sides. The rear end sports a carbon fiber fascia diffuser, rear spoiler, carbon fiber tail light panel, and Ford Performance exhaust with Shelby tips. Throw in some Weld-racing one-piece forged 20-inch Super Snake rims, and standing out is an understatement. Shelby understands the importance of being striking, both inside and out. This edition comes with the Katzkin interior package, boasting Shelby embroidered leather seats and floor mats, back-lit sills plates, carbon fiber gauge pod cluster (including boost, fuel, and oil pressure), and a roll cage with custom impact 5-point racing harnesses. It's all finished off in a plush black and silver complimented dashboard with its CSM numbered dash plaque.


This is where the name 'Super Snake' starts to make sense truly. At the heart of this 2015 Mustang is a 5.0L supercharged engine pushing over 750 hp to the rear wheels. The supercharger add-on, combined with the entire Shelby package, is enough to launch this Mustang to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds! It also comes equipped with a Ford Performance handling pack, Shelby Performance cooling pack, transmission, and differential cooling connected to a 6-speed automatic gearbox with 3.73 gears. It also features a Ford Performance shifter. The gargantuan mass of power is transmitted via Ford Performance half-shafts and a one-piece driveshaft. Things are dressed up inside the engine bay with original Shelby valve covers and an authenticity-confirming CSM engine plate. A more than necessary brake duct kit complements Shelby Wilwood 6 piston front brakes paired with a 4 piston kit for the rears, giving you the confidence to slash corners and complete the quarter-mile in under 11 seconds.

-Car Location: Kansas -Super Snake 750+ Hp Package -Ford Performance exhaust w/ Shelby tips -Ford Performance handling pack -Shelby Performance cooling pack -CSM numbered engine plate -Weld Racing one-piece forged 20" Super Snake wheels -Shelby Wilwood 6 piston front brakes -Ford Performance half shafts -3.73 gears -Ford Performance shifter -Engine cap set -CSM numbered dash plaque -Carbon Fiber gauge pod cluster (boost, fuel, oil pressure) -Back lit door sill plates -Floor mats and embroidered headrests -Carbon Fiber body components: -Front splitter -Super Snake hood -Mirror cap covers -Rocker panels and blades -Rear spoiler -Rear fascia diffuser -Tail light panel -Other body components: -Super Snake striping and badging -Front grill emblem, Faux gas cap, quarter panel snake emblem -750+ HP supercharger -Upgraded cooling package -Differential cooling -Transmission cooling -Shelby Wilwood 4 piston rear breaks -Brake duct kit -One piece drive shaft -Optional Features: -Painted carbon fiber components -Carbon fiber hood extension -Shelby Wilwood 4 piston rear breaks -One piece drive shaft -Shelby valve covers -Carbon fiber latch cover -Katzkin interior package -Roll cage w/ 5 point harness -CSM Number: 15SS0008 -Garage kept -50th Anniversary Edition


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