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2015 Slingshot Slingshot SL Limited Edition Limited Edition Full Custom

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In the automotive world, the Polaris Slingshot three-wheeler is a fun and radical option. Coming in at a competitive price, it is a beast among rivals such as Morgan’s Three Wheeler, Campagna’s T-Rex, and the Can-Am Spyder. Polaris introduced the awe-inspiring Slingshot to celebrate 60 years of innovation. Mike Jonikas, Vice President of Polaris, states, “the Slingshot was designed to deliver head turning exhilaration on two dimensions.” The Slingshot’s aggressive angular design is complemented by a power output turned up to 11 since it doesn’t have to meet the host of regulations that traditional carmakers have to fulfill. This example is a 2015 Polaris Slingshot SL, and it comes to you from Florida with a host of modifications. With just 2000 miles on the clock, this Slingshot carries nearly $40,000 worth of aftermarket upgrades.

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The 2015 Polaris Slingshot SL does not feature doors, a roof, or side windows. A small windshield is standard on the SL model but optional on the base model. The aggressively-angled Polymer body panels of this Slingshot are dressed in orange while it sits on Vossen VPS CG209T wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero 305/25R22 (rear) and Pirelli P Zero 245/35ZR20 (front) tires. Custom exterior modifications include TricLED front splitters with inlaid LED Fog lights, Angel Eyes/ Halo LED headlight kit, TricLED Lower brow LED lights, and TricLED Slingwingz. The black interior of this Slingshot is waterproof, and feature drains under the seats to go with the hose-down-when-done philosophy. Included are PRP SS Style suspension seats, an Alpha threaded shift knob adapter, an RPM Marine Vinyl Shift Boot in black, and an Assault D-shape steering wheel as just a few of its custom modifications. It also includes keyless ignition, a 2.1 Amp USB charging station, an aftermarket stereo Power/Ground wiring harness, and a Clarion CMS5 Bluetooth audio receiver.


The heart of this 2015 Polaris Slingshot SL is a swapped 2.4L DDM built 3rd generation Ecotech engine with Carillo Pro-H rods. An upgraded turbo kit by DDM was installed during the motor swap when the vehicle was sent to DDM’s facility in South Carolina. It is coupled to the rear wheel via a 5-speed manual transmission. The build includes a Welter Performance side exhaust for better air flow and sound. This Slingshot features multiple lovingly included engine upgrades, including a DEI complete heat control kit, Alpha front skid plate, Dimple Magnetic drain plugs, and an Alpha turbo kit with color matched tubes. A 2.4L performance clutch w/ street disc has been installed to keep up with the power. Although Dyno figures haven’t been supplied, the list of modifications should translate into output much higher than stock. The fully custom air suspension was installed and fitted by Slammered Inc. It includes Airlift Performance 3P air management, Ridetech shocks, and dual cerakoted Accuair tanks mounted on the custom fabricated exoskeleton. The Alpha Big Brake kit helps rein in the extra power when needed.

-Car Location: Florida
-Fully modified and custom Slingshot
-Electronic upgrades:
-Keyless Ignition for Slingshot
-Dash switch for Polaris Slingshot
-Red LED Markers w/ safety reflectors for Slingshot
-Accessory fuse block and wiring harness kit for Slingshot
-TricLED front splitters w/ inlaid LED Fog lights for Polaris Slingshot
-TricLED headlight on/off switch for Polaris Slingshot
-Angel Eyes/ Halo LED headlight kit
-DDM HID Conversion kit for Polaris Slingshot
-TricLED Slingwingz
-Electrical Connection front turn signal conversion kit
-Electrical Connection for Brake light modulator/ flasher
-Electrical Connection 2.1 Amp USB charging station
-TricLED Lower brow LED lights
-Battery jump start ports
-Aftermarket stereo Power/ Ground wiring harness
-Clarion CMS5 Bluetooth audio reciever w/ aluminum mounting plate
-RPM Marine Vinyl Shift Boot in black
-Speaker accent rings (set of 4)
-Alpha threaded shift knob adapter
-Assault aftermarket steering wheel hub adapter
-PRP Glove box liner
-PRP SS Style suspension seats
-Assault D-shape steering wheel
-Vossen VPS CG209T
-Pirelli P Zero 305/25R22
-Pirelli P Zero 245/35ZR20
-Air Suspension kit
-Exo Skeleton
-Alpha Big Brake kit for Polaris Slingshot
-High performance brake fluid
-Engine/ Drivetrain:
-Alpha Powersport reinforced hood brackets
-DEI complete heat control kit
-Alpha Adjustable master cylinder brace
-Alpha front skid plate
-DDM turbo kit for Polaris Slingshot
-Alpha Coil Pack Cover
-Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs for engine, transmission, and angle drive
-Powder coated valve covers
-Very high end, customized sling shot build
-Close to 40,000 in aftermarket upgrades alone


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