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Unfortunately for all automotive enthusiasts, the manual transmission is on it's way to extinction. Today's updated technology has outweighed all car lover's lust for the true feeling of driving a stick shift. With that being said, this BMW M3 is the unicorn that car people dream of. Not only does it have the rare 6 speed transmission, but it is powered by the 4.0L V8 engine that makes this a true race car. We are pleased to showcase this meticulously maintained example of what every BMW M3 should look like.


Although this particular vehicle happens to be 12 years old, the BMW M3 has a timeless design from the outside that never seems to be outdated. The way that the Jerez Black Metallic paint reflects in the sunlight, gives the car a different look at every hour of the day. However, the true elephant in the room lays within the interior. Not only does it have Fox Red Nevillo leather throughout, but it has 3 pedals on the driver side, which is a priceless option. The leather condition proves how well maintained this BMW M3 has been in it's lifetime, showing very minimal wear. It sports some tasteful options such as heated seats, navigation and most importantly, the original books/ window sticker.


Arguably one of the best motors that BMW has produced, this BMW M3 packs a punch of 414 naturally aspirated horsepower from is massive V8 engine. You have the ability to get every ounce of power using the manual transmission to your advantage by letting this car scream up to 8,400 RPM. The E92 M3 is the last of a dying breed with a hefty American style V8, matted to a manual transmission that you will no longer find in today's world of turbo charged motors and automatic transmissions. Regular maintenance has been often performed on this car, leaving it turn key ready for it's next lucky home.

-Rare 6 Speed Manual -Original Window Sticker


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