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2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 High Top Custom

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Although best known for its luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz is also responsible for a number of vans and commercial vehicles, many of which serve as an excellent basis for an alternative luxury vehicle. As is the case with our featured Sprinter, using a van as the basis for a luxury vehicle means you get a lot more space to play with. This California-based 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 High Top is a stylish way to transport ten passengers besides the driver. With four rows of seats and a heavily upgraded cabin, this could be the perfect luxury wagon for you. And with low-range and four-wheel-drive, its utility is second to none.

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This high-roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is finished in blue-gray, with the Premium Appearance Package, which includes a headlamp cleaning system, bi-xenon headlights, and light-alloy wheels. On top are roof rails and a roof rack with a rear door ladder on the driver’s side door. Also included on this build are solid side steps for the front and back. Inside, things get very interesting, with the front row passenger seats being switched to luxurious reclining captain’s chairs. Rear seat passengers get a 32” TV with console mount, and up front is a Pioneer 8200 NEX with antenna and navigation head unit and 6.2” screen. The entertainment system features CD and DVD player capability, as well as Apple CarPlay, AppRadio, and dual-zone audio. A rear-view camera is included for good measure. The driver gets a leather steering wheel too. Passengers can stay powered up thanks to the installation of 4 110v plugs and a small cup holder console with USB and storage in addition to the added front console. The rear features curtain rods all around the back of the vehicle. Stainless steel cup holders are present for rear-seat passengers. Being a Mercedes-Benz, this 2017 Sprinter had available to it a multitude of factory options. Our subject van includes heated front seats, assist door handles, Trailer Hitch Package, Idle Variable Package, and Additional Battery Package. Also included is the Driver Comfort Package, which features Mercedes’ comfort front seats and additional storage. The optioned Driver Efficiency Package includes navigation, a lockable glove compartment, fog lamps, and cruise control. Lastly optioned is the Passenger Van Heating Pack, and Active Safety Package, which includes Parktronic.


Under the hood is a 3-liter engine with automatic transmission. The motor and chassis only have 4489 miles on them, while added appeal is in the optional 4x4 package with low and high range with excellent adventure potential.

-Car Location: California -Fully upgraded -2500 4x4 w/ 144 wheel base -High top -32" T.V. w/ console mount -Front row seats switched to luxurious, reclining captain chairs -Pioneer 8200 NEX and antenna added -Pioneer 8200 NEX navigation head unit -6.2" screen -CD/ DVD player -Apple car play -Appradio -Dual Zone Audio -Rearview camera -Outlets installed - 4 110v plugs -Curtain rod and curtain added all around back of vehicle -Roof rack -144 standard double hoop -Door ladder on drivers side rear door -Front console added -Added small cup holder console with USB and storage -Stainless steel cupholders in back -Solid side step for front -Solid side step for back -Factory options: -Leather steering wheel -High roof -Roof rails -Overhead storage slot -Heated front seats -Assist door handles -Driver comfort package -Active safety package w/ Parktronic -Premium appearance package -Idle variable package -Trailer hitch package -Additional battery package -Low and high range 4 x 4 package -Passenger van heating pack 1 -Efficiency package


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