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- Up For Sale is Our 2016 Mercedes Gts  RENNTech  

1 of 1 RennTech Project Car built specifically for SEMA, with an original listing & build price of $214,697. This iconic RENNtech development car has been featured in publications such as TopGear, DuPont Registry, GT Spirit, and many more.


- 716 Horsepower

-  656 LB-FT Torque    

- RENNtech ECU  Upgrade    

- RENNtech  Stainless Steel Downpipes w/200 Cell Catalytic Converter    

- RENNtech Stage  II Turbo Upgrade    

- RENNtech  Blow-Off Valve Adapter    

- RENNtech High  Performance Air Filters    

- RENNtech  Coil-Over Suspension    

- RENNtech 10  SuperLight Wheels - 3 Piece    

- RENNtech Carbon  Fiber Front Splitter    

- RENNtech Carbon  Fiber Side Rocker Panels    

- RENNtech Carbon  Fiber Rear Diffuser w/CNC Aluminum Tips    

- RENNtech Carbon  Fiber Rear Adjustable DTM Style Wing    

- Track Package    

- Panoramic Glass  Roof    

- Diamond White  Metallic w/Red RENNtech Project Car Stripe


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