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How to Sell Classic Cars Overseas


Selling a classic car to an overseas buyer can be risky without the proper guidance.

How to Sell Classic Cars Overseas

We at Exotic Car Trader deal with a wide range of vehicles, both consigned and for sale on our website. We know that the prospect of selling your cherished vehicle may be strenuous and sometimes overwhelming if you are not familiar with the process. When seeking to sell a vehicle, there are numerous methods and factors to consider, and if it is a classic car, more caution and expertise is required as there is a particular market and discerning target segment to whom you must advertise your vehicle.

You have the option of selling your car to a local buyer or sourcing a buyer from overseas. The international buyer pool is much broader and may net you a better bargain for your classic car as the model may be uncommon and highly desired in their country. Even though the processes of preparation, shipping, documentation, and payment processing may seem formidable, your sale can flow smoothly with the right assistance, and you can make a decent profit to boot. Let’s take a look at how to sell your classic car overseas. 

First impression counts 

Since the buyer is from overseas, it’s unlikely that they will be able to inspect your car in person. This can be a major risk factor from their perception. Therefore, it is critical that you offer and advertise as much as possible in terms of details and images of your car. You need to provide an impression that stands out from the other options. For example, you need to prepare your car for sale by properly cleaning it inside and out, have it inspected by a reputable technician, identify and fix minor faults, provide clear and comprehensive photos and provide in-depth information about the vehicle. To fix a price that is reasonable, you will need to do some research to learn the true value of your car. Since history is king when selling classic cars overseas, ensure that you have collected and carefully archived all paperwork and previous records pertaining to your car, no matter how trivial they appear to you.

Choose the Best Method to Sell Classic Cars Overseas

As Exotic Car Trader has handled selling classic cars overseas for many years, we advocate selecting an approach that offers as many outlets as possible. More people viewing your advert mean that there is a higher chance of finding the correct buyer in a shorter time span. Posting your advert online makes it easier, as people around the globe can access it, as they are accustomed to such resources when seeking American classics. Since this is the first impression, the web listing should feature clear and comprehensive photography of all aspects of your car, as well as a detailed description of the vehicle, its condition, modifications, and any important information, including if it is a special edition or has some noteworthy history.

The next step is to finalize payments once you've found a suitable buyer for your car. Make sure that you get the full amount before releasing the vehicle; if not, there is a risk that you will not receive it all. An escrow service will protect both the buyer and the seller against frauds, and it will help foster trust between buyer and seller.

Finally, after payments have been settled you need to ship the car out of the country to the buyer, in their country. The cost of shipping will be determined by the vehicle's final destination and shipping method. Sea or air are the most popular options. Air freight is quicker but may cost up to six figures and is thus best for rare and expensive vehicles. Otherwise, sea freight is the most cost-effective method if the buyer is willing to wait for several weeks. It is recommended that you enlist the services of a shipping or freight handling service to pick up the vehicle and transport it to the buyer on your behalf, as private handling is usually costlier and time intensive on your part.

Feeling confident about selling your car?

If you’re looking for an outlet to sell your classic car overseas you have found the perfect place. Our team at Exotic Car Trader have sold thousands of iconic and classic cars nationwide and overseas as well. We ensure that your prized classic receives as much exposure as possible by listing it on our partner sites like as eBay Motors, CarGurus, AutoTrader, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We also have expert photographers across the country who will make sure that the best photographs of your car are displayed in our listings. Exotic Car Trader allows you to accept the offer you want, and we will handle the trade-ins, financing, and shipment for you. 

Feel free to contact us for further questions, we are delighted to answer them and clear any doubts. 

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