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2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe

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This black on black 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo has more than just good looks going for it—although with subtle additions to the exterior, there’s no questioning the visual appeal of this 21,000-mile modified Italian bull. This car has been extensively modified and tuned to provide what is described as a “street-friendly build”. Built by Underground Racing, the extensive work done under the hood of this tuned Lamborghini Gallardo will see 1,150 wheel-horsepower on 93-octane fuel, and as high as 1,550 wheel-horsepower on racing gas.

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This tuned 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo coupe looks largely stock at first glance. It’s part of the appeal of this kind of supercar-sleeper build, but the eagle-eyed of observers may notice the customized LP-1550-4 badges on the exterior that denote this car’s 1,550 wheel-horsepower capability. The exterior is finished in gloss black, while the Gallardo sits on Dymag Performance wheels. The interior features a reverse camera display, while the seats have been customized in Alcantara with red and black stitching by Lamborghini themselves.


Although the 5.2-litre V10 engine from Lamborghini was plenty enough for most, this mental build turns that up to 11. The full build sheet is available below, but the highlights of are a blue-printed and balanced race short block that has been rebuilt with strengthened internals for the custom twin billet turbochargers that are fitted to this car. The engine management is taken care of with a MoTec system and a custom wiring harness, while the drivetrain has been upgraded with billet helix gears, shafts and final drive gears. Just one of the many custom-fabricated parts of this build is the stainless-steel exhaust system, crafted out of aircraft-grade metal, with ultra-lightweight mufflers. Similarly, the intake air induction is also turned out of stainless steel, while this car has been completely converted to all-wheel drive with factory-specification Lamborghini components.

-Car Location: Duluth, GA -Built by Underground Racing -Very Street Friendly Build -1,150 WHp on 93 Octane Fuel -1,550 WHp on Race Gas -Stage 1 Race Conversion Twin Turbo System -Custom Twin Billet Turbochargers -Tial Billet Wastegates -Tial Billet Blow Off Valves -Custom Fabricated Stainless Steal Exhaust Crafted w/ Aircraft Quality Metal -Ultra Lightweight Stainless Steal Mufflers -High Temp Heat Ceramic Coating -Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Air Induction w/ Aircraft Quality Metal -K&N Air Filters -High Quality Silicone Hose -High Pressure T-Bolt Clamps for Exhaust Connections -Custom Heat Shielding and High Quality Heat Wrap -Custom Air/Water Intercooler System w/ High Flow Water Pump -High Flow Intercooler Water Heat Exchanger -Crankcase Ventilation System -Full Blue-Print and Balanced Race Short Block -Disassembled Complete Lamborghini V10 -Installed Custom Block Sleeves -Seat Sleeves for Aluminum Block -Bore & Hone V10 w/ Torque Plate -Machine Block Deck Surface V10 Aluminum -Machine Block Deck Surface V10 Sleeves -Balance Complete V10 Rotating Assembly -Mallory for Balancing Crankshaft -Polish and Mic Crankshaft -Jet Clean Cylinder Heads -Carillo Billet Rods -CP Custom Reverse Dish Race Pistons -CP Spiral Locks -CP .180+ Wall Wrist Pin -CP Oil Rail Support -Custom Steel Cylinder Sleeve -Main Bearings -Rod Bearings -Total Seal TNT File Fit Rins -Assembled Complete Lamborghini V10 Cylinder Head -Race Version Cylinder Heads -ARP L19 Head Studs -High Flow Fuel Pumps -Custom Aluminum Fuel Rails -All Aeroquip Stainless Steel Fuel Line and Aluminum Fittings -Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator -Upgraded Fuel Injectors -Billet Helix 1st-6th Gears -Billet Input and Output Shafts -Billet Helix Final Drive Gears -Billet Axles -Level 2 Ceramic Clutch Tuning -MoTec Engine Management System -Custom Wiring Harness -Boost By Gear -Custom Wiring Harness -Professional Dyno and Street Tuning -Dymag Performance Wheels -Converted to All Wheel Drive w/ Factory Lamborghini Components -Reverse Camera -Alcantara Seats Custom Red and Black Diamond Stitching by Lamborghini


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