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The Shelby is back to dominate the streets and tracks around the world in trims that are more powerful and race-ready than ever before. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is the best example of what Shelby can do on the market today. The Shelby GT350 for sale here is instant classic holding it’s value with buyer’s clamoring to be the owner of an American-made muscle car that will abuse many European supercars on the street or racetrack.


While this Shelby GT350 is not the R package, it does feature the Track Package and comes complete with a rear seat an no scaffolding in the rear area. This GT350 also features the Technology Package including a large Sync touch-screen, backup camera along with heated and cooled Recaro seats!


Under the lid, is one of the most serious engine Ford has ever produced the 5.2L V8 with the flat-plane crankshaft pushing 526 horsepower without a turbo. That instant response and massive torque of 429 lb-ft is channeled into a good ol’ 6-speed box spinning the rear wheels linked up with Ford’s all new independent rear suspension. Gone are the days of the solid axle but now a great handling Shelby that absolutely tears up the race track and brakes better than high-dollar exotics with Brembo brakes on board.


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