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1973 Volvo P1800ES ES

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Volvo, a Swedish brand renowned for its contributions towards automotive safety, is not immediately thought of as one to make a beautiful and memorable car. At least, that's what the majority believed. To prove them wrong, Volvo had other plans for its brand. They created a coupe that was among the most beautiful of all time, the P1800. To add to the bargain, Volvo didn't forget to make sure it owned a rich racing pedigree. The P1800 shone in official endurance races flaunting its sturdiness and reliability. So reliable that it occupies a space in the Guinness Book of Records. We bring you the wagon version of this prodigious car, the 1973 Volvo P 1800 ES. Production of this line ended in 1973, and the Volvo P 1800 ES wagon augustly marked the conclusion. This adorable wagon in our inventory is currently located in California, with just 96,000 miles on its clock.