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2012 Lucra LC470 Prototype

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Although the Europeans certainly know how to build desirable and sensational supercars, America isn’t without its fair share either. Aside from the usual names coming from the usual manufacturers, one must never forget the existence of the California-based Lucra, where pure performance is the name of the game. This 2012 Lucra LC470 prototype is an excellent example of that. Aesthetically a successor to the beloved Cobra, the Lucra LC470 is the result of one man’s pursuit of speed and superior agility in handling. This particular vehicle is a prototype and an excellent choice for the performance driving enthusiast. It’s light, nimble, and, most of all, powerful. With just over 620 miles on the clock, this Lucra is immaculate and is a great choice for your collection — either to preserve or to enjoy it for what it is.


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