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1985 Dodge D350

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In the world of trucks, the “Ram” marque is one that is trusted by customers for generations. Before the Ram made its debut Dodge’s contribution to truck buyers was the D series, the D series production life spanned 33 years with the final generation taking most of the spotlight. With a production run of 20 years, the third generation D series Dodge trucks were not only known for their tough and reliable personality but also for giving the world the first performance truck, the Lil Red Express. With superior build quality and that classic truck charm owning a 3rd generation Dodge D series is sure a treat, Don't believe us? Take a look at this lovely 1985 Dodge D350 we have today. With a reported 81,052 miles on the clock, this classic truck has seen a lot of freshening up to make it a classic that you can depend on be it a Sunday cruise or a long drive.