Used Mercedes-Benz 450SLC For Sale

1974 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC Coupe

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Mercedes-Benz rings the bells of sophistication married with luxury in automobiles and the fine artisanship of German reliability. As time prepressed, cars were no longer a transportation plaything or a platform to showcase works of art. Safety of the passengers played a critical part in producing cars. Mercedes-Benz presented the 450SLC that perfectly embodies what those modern standards stood for. Also, it belonged to the Benzes' prestigious SL line of vehicles. Meaning Super Lightweight, the SL moniker was borne by the mightiest Mercedes sports cars since the iconic SL300 was introduced to the world. Since then, the following series of high performance SL sports cars enjoyed heaps of success, and most are now popular classics. We are pleased to bring this desirable 1974 Mercedes Benz 450SLC to you, which is located in New York. This prestigious two-seater touring car displays 52,000 miles on its odometer and comes with a new OEM leather Interior.


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