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With a production run spanning 54 years, six generations and counting, the Chevrolet Camaro is among the greats of American automotive history. The Camaro started life off as a new rear-wheel drive General Motors F- Body platform. It was offered to the public as a 2 door 2+2 coupe and convertible. The car was offered with multiple engine and trim options, and was set to be a competitor to the iconic Ford Mustang. The 1st generation Camaro had a production run of three years during which the model underwent mild refreshment. 1968 was a special year for the Camaro as it had a few design changes. This was the year Chevrolet wished to release the Z28 performance variant to the public. The Z28 was virtually a race-ready Camaro, available at any Chevrolet dealer. The first-generation Camaro we have on sale today is a 1968 Z28 model, of which only 7,199 were made. Our subject car is in Florida and has 31,000 original miles on the clock. With the steady increase in prices for American classics this car’s great condition represents a sure investment. This car underwent a frame-off restoration in 2003 and is reported to have been stored in a climate-controlled garage since then, with zero rust. All numbers are said to be matching.



3LT w/ Z51 Convertible HTC

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The Chevrolet Corvette plays a starring role in American automotive history. The Corvette marque has been in production since 1952, through eight generations whilst serving as a halo for the other lineups and brands sold through General Motors. Over the years, Corvettes have played a big part in pop culture and history, and have since been considered collectible and desirable automobiles. With its iconic looks and performance to match, the Corvette was a top seller. Chevrolet used the front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout for seven generations, changing it with the eighth generation C8. Released in April 2019 at the Kennedy space center to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, it came in two body styles, a 2-door Targa top or a retractable hardtop convertible. The mid-engined layout was a radical departure from previous generations. This example is a 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 hard top convertible with just 200 miles run from new. The car is located in Florida and has been well spec’d by the previous owner, featuring some neat factory options.



MK III 427

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The legendary story of the Shelby Cobra started back in 1961 when fabled retired American racing driver Carrol Shelby asked British automaker AC to build him a car that could carry a V8 engine. With the cars provided by AC, Shelby's team crafted several Cobra models that could be found at home on the streets as well as race tracks. His creation was such an icon in automotive culture that various automakers craved for the license to build continuation Cobra cars. The Superformance Cobra MK III is one such car. It's built by one of the licensed manufacturers who meet the standards of the original AC Cobra. This Superformance 1965 Cobra MK III has spent its time in New Mexico for five years with its current owner. It features a special engine installation and has only 9500 miles on its clock, while its previously-replaced Odometer shows 4500 miles. All maintenance and service work required has been kept up to date, and it is perfect for those looking to stand out — In the owner's own words, it "sounds like a pack of Harley Davidsons going down the road".
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