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2005 Ford GT

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In the Sixties, Ford created the GT40 as a form of payback following a slight by Enzo Ferrari. Ford was all set to purchase Ferrari when Ferrari pulled out of the deal over a tussle as to who would control the racing team. Miffed by this, and having sunk money on audits and related activities, Ford vowed to build a car that would beat Ferrari at his home turf on the racing field, Le Mans. This resulted in the birth of the GT40. After a rocky start, Carroll Shelby was brought in, and the project ultimately yielded Ford four consecutive Le Mans wins, in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969, and delivering cold revenge to Enzo Ferrari. In 2004, Ford decided to build a limited run of Ford GTs as a nod to this legendary Sixties racer. Only 4,038 were produced, making this 2005 Ford GT a rare find, more so given that it’s only got 2,800 miles on its odometer. Two keys, the owner’s manual and books are included in the sale of this car.


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